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Help with Old-Style JPEG Compressed TIFFS in Debian

Please cc: me on replies.

I've unfortunately come upon a set of non-compliant TIFFs with "old-style
JPEG compression" generated by a Microsoft Scanner Program. I've found
plenty of links as to why these TIFFs are evil, but I am unable to locate
any suggestions as to how to read them/convert them to something useable.
I am wondering if there are any Debian packages that might do this.  

I am happy to recompile anything with necessary patches/switches.
ImageMagick reports "Old-style JPEG compression support is not
configured." Which would suggest that it *can* be configured, but I find
nothing in the documentation or the source code to suggest how to do
this. There are hints about recompiling ImageMagick with LZW support, but
not "old style JPEG" support.

I am running sid/experimental.

Thanks for any tips or pointers. I've seen this question on a few other
lists, but no clear answers have appeared.  
Adam Kessel (adam@bostoncoop.net)

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