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Re: mozilla and galeon broken?

Klaus Imgrund (claus.imgrund@terra.com.br) wrote:

> just checking,
> since I went to unstable galeon and mozilla are slightly broken.
> galeon opens one window after another and mozilla just spawns one
> process after another until the RAM fills up.
> Since phoenix is working just fine I speculate that this has something
> to do with gtk.
> Anybody else having this troubles?

Thank goodness someone else has had this.  I'm having the same problem
(though for me, Galeon opens infinite tabs, since I have it set to
open everything in tabs).  It also happens with Skipstone, another
mozilla-based browser, and it does *not* happen with galeon-snapshot
or mozilla-snapshot.

I tried to send a bug report via reportbug, but it seems to have not
gone through or not been accepted or something, as I haven't received


Jason Wojciechowski

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