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Re: HELP! dhcp server not talking to clients

sean finney <seanius@seanius.net> writes:

> hey charles, are you sure another machine isn't running a dhcpd?  i
> sure don't see 192 addresses in your config...  try installing nmap
> and then doing
> # nmap -sU -p 67 host
> for all the suspect hosts. =20

IIRC, the network is what Win32's dhcp servers hands
out by default.

Win32 is pretty weird about this, too. After I placed a DHCP server on
segment shared with a Win98 box, the Win98 box noticed this and put up
a dialog box informing me that it was stopping DHCP service - which
wasn't intentionally on (Windows does lots of crafty little things
behind the users back [some like it, some don't]).

Win98 has a program that can be run to release a lease as well,
entitled "WINIPCFG" (or similar). Perhaps the other Win32 boxes have
that or something like it so you can force them to start trying to
obtain a new lease.


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