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exim frozen messages, can't send/recieve

well, i don't know what happened, exim/mail/sendmail was working fine,
now it's not working at all. The only thing i have done system wide
lately is compile a new kernel, which shouldn't have any effect on any
config files right?

If i try to send mail it looks like it's sent fine but it doesnt' go
anywhere. /var/log/exim states that "Message is frozen".

#ps -aux | grep -i "exim" 
produces nothing, except the grep listing but now i can't remember if
exim was listed as a running process when it was working. 
There is no /var/log/exim.pid, which seems suspicious, only a empty

if i 'nmap' my box it lists smtp on port 25 as listening which is normal
but how come there is no process running(?), if i try to start exim,  it
complains that it can't 'socket bind() to port 25 for address, Address
already in use'.

I know I'm tired but I'm totally missing something.

Thanks in advance.


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