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Re: php4 with apache2 under debian testing

* Derrick 'dman' Hudson (dman@dman.ddts.net) [021216 16:54]:
> The /usr/bin/php4 command works from the shell.  I too would like to
> upgrade to apache2 but I can't because I must keep squirrelmail
> working.  Performance isn't a real issue (for me), though.  I tried
> using both /usr/bin/php4 and /usr/lib/cgi-bin/php4 but both behaved
> very strangely (acting much like 'cat') when invoked from a cgi
> script.  The cgi script worked when run via a shell but not from
> apache.

Is apache running it as a script, or just serving it as text/plain?  You
might want to make sure you have something like 

AddHandler cgi-script .php

or add an entry for it in /etc/mime.types as application/x-httpd-cgi

Also make sure it's in a ScriptAlias directory or you have the ExecCGI
option set.

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