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Re: Printer Recommendations?

Alex Malinovich wrote:
I've finally gotten fed up with my roommate's Canon CBJ-2100 printer and
all of it's associated problems (both software and hardware) and have
decided to get a new one. My only requirements are that it's relatively
inexpensive (< $200 US) and that it can be set up easily and will work
well on our LAN. All of the machines except for one are running Debian,
and the one that it will physically be connected to is running Debian.
Any suggestions on a good choice?
p.s. I've been intrigued by the new Lexmark 75XP PrinTrio that I've seen
advertised that prints and scans and is a little over $100 US but I
don't know anything about how well it works period or how well it works
under Linux.

I am pretty much a HP fan... started off with a HP 500C in 1988 and used it until it died about a year ago. I replaced it with a HP 960C and have had excellent results with it under Linux + CUPS. I liked it so much that when my wife wanted something to "print out color pictures" I got her a HP 5550 for about $139 + tax at Office Depot just the other day. From what I see, it has better performance specs than my HP 960C, which cost me more.

Buying printers is sort of like buying cars. Everyone has their favorite and everyone seems willing to fight to the death to prove their's is the "best". One word of caution... if you go the Inkjet route, be prepared to spend what you save "up-front" on ink cart. replacement costs! Especially if you are in a busy LAN environment. When I was working from home doing lots of writing and printing, I had to replace my black cart. every month and the color cart about every 4 months just from MY use! That was about $27 per month PLUS $30 every 3-4 months. It adds up in a "Total Cost of Ownership" sense!


-Don Spoon-

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