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Re: LED application

Pigeon wrote:
This is the third time this dude has posted 88k of crud to the list;
is there any way in which such things could be filtered out at source?
ie. Does the list have any sort of human editor, who could be flagged
if someone posted an enormous file and make an intelligent decision as
to whether it was crud or not?


I must have missed him. I was using Spam Assassin modified to run an email confirmation request for each piece of spam. This 'dude' has posted a couple of times, but they all get tossed into the trash list. I don't do anything with it.

It works really well:
If you look "spammy" I put you on hold.
If you are on hold, I send you a confirmation request.

If I don't get a response, or do get a bounce then I blacklist you for a period that is configurable by me.

If I do get a response, I push that into SpamAssassin's whitelist and keep you on file for a guaranteed "OK" mail for a period of time similar to the blacklist.

It requires procmail and doesn't really care what the SMTP server is.

I think irc isn't going to work though---we're running out of topic space!
        -- Joseph Carter

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