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java installation problems

These messages pertain to the packages found in:

There is no 'mozilla-cvs' directory on my installation.
(it appears that j2re1.3 does not have this problem, but I haven't been able to verify it yet.)

bash-2.05a$ sudo dpkg -i j2se-common_1.1_all.deb j2re1.4_1.4.0.99beta-1_i386.deb (Reading database ... 98672 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to replace j2se-common 1.1 (using j2se-common_1.1_all.deb) ...
Unpacking replacement j2se-common ...
Preparing to replace j2re1.4 (using j2re1.4_1.4.0.99beta-1_i386.deb) ...
Do you agree to the above license terms? [yes or no] yes
Unpacking replacement j2re1.4 ...
Setting up j2se-common (1.1) ...

Setting up j2re1.4 ( ...
update-alternatives: unable to make /usr/lib/mozilla-cvs/plugins/javaplugin_oji.so.dpkg-tmp a symlink to /etc/alternatives/javaplugin_oji-mozilla-cvs.so: No such file or directory
dpkg: error processing j2re1.4 (--install):
 subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 2
Errors were encountered while processing:

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