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Re: imap with fetchmail-ssl?

Nori Heikkinen wrote:
all of a sudden i need to be using secure fetchmail, which i should
have been to begin with, but didn't really realize i wasn't.  i
apt-got fetchmail-ssl, and changed the POP3 line to IMAP in my
.fetchmailrc but can't retrieve mail from my server at all.  any tips
or places on where the FM is to R?


Whether or not you use secure fetchmail is independent of whether you use IMAP or POP3... I use secure POP3 with fetchmail which I set up with fetchmailconf, and my stanza is:

poll techhouse.org with proto POP3
    user 'pretzalz' there with password '*******' is 'pretzalz' here ssl

Maybe you just need to add the ssl at the end?

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