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Re: Software RAID

hi ya tim

more software raid howto's  of different raid options 

- are you trying to convert an existing system to raid ??
- are you trying to make root-raid ??  vs just data 
	root-raid allows you to keep booting/working even if one disk 
	goes on vacation

	raid for data only ... ( my preference ) just to protect
	data from disk crashes ...

	system disk is on another disk than data
	( system disks can be rebuilt in a few minutes from scratch

- for starters use the raidtools2 set from debian on deb boxes

- keep in mind, that even if you have raid, you still need/want
  a backup system in case the raid system decides to mis-behave
  and/or you lost 2 of your 3-5 disks for raid5

c ya

On Fri, 13 Dec 2002, nate wrote:

> Tim Worden said:
> > I am looking for a How-To on software raid for debian. If anyone know
> > where I can get this info please let me know.
> install the raidtools package(or raidtools2 if you have a 2.4.x kernel
> or a patched 2.2.x kernel) and read the docs  in /usr/share/doc/raidtools
> or /usr/share/doc/raidtools2 depending on the package you have installed,
> its pretty easy.

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