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Re: OT: functional languages (was: Politics of Java)

Nori Heikkinen schrieb:

on Fri, 13 Dec 2002 02:29:13PM +0100, martin f krafft insinuated:
because i stumbled upon this yesterday and couldn't find an answer...

Haskell, Erlang and Clean are functional programming languages.

Lisp is very similar in terms of the paradigm.

Is Lisp a functional language?

what do you mean by "functional"?  even though i have quite limited
experience with it, i've certainly seen plugins for the GIMP and
things written in it.  Or maybe that was scheme.

and it's totally cool -- all those parentheses ... :))))))
GIMP uses Scheme for Script-Fu, plug-ins are written in C. I think what Martin meant is described in an article in the german computer magazine c't (www.heise.de/ct/; 2002/25 p. 242). I did not read the article very carefully, but I understood that clean is just the opposite of LISP: No parentheses...


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