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Setting up a multiuser Windows app under WINE

The situation:

- Debian server feeding out X sessions to various thin clients
- Database application with 6-user license
- 25-30 users who will be using this application (but not at the same
  time - the 6-user license should be sufficient)

WINE seems to be very security-conscious and keeps its working and
wineserver directories locked down nice and tight, which is great for
the case where an individual user is running his own private Win32
apps, but rather hostile to this situation, where I want one WINE
config to be used by 30 different users, up to 6 of them at a time,
and a flock of individual WINE installs would not only be a PITA to
admin, but would also be unacceptable as it would give each user his
own copy of the database instead of having everybody working on the
same data.

I've tried `cp -a ~user/.wine /var/local/appname` after getting it
working for user and setting WINEPREFIX to /var/local/appname, which
appears to direct it to the right place, but that still leaves the
app only runnable by the owner of /var/local/appname (root).  The
obvious solution, `chmod -R 0777 /var/local/appname/*`, feels too
much like overkill to feel likely to be the correct solution.

What's the Right Way to do this?

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