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Re: dates on share

Unix has a concept of multiple times. Access time, Modified date, 
Created time, maybe more.  Samba coming from windows linage probably only has 
one date/time field and depending how you copy depends on which field the 
date is inserted in.... maybe?

man ls and search for 'time'. You can ls a file and display it's many 
different time stamps or try:

ls -la --time=atime  filename          -> show time file last accessed
ls -la --time=ctime filename	-> show time file was created
ls -la   filename	                        -> show time file was last modified

This also depends on the underlying filesystem and it's capabilies.

Cheers David

On Saturday 07 December 2002 05:46, Curtis Vaughan wrote:
> I just noticed that whatever I save from my Linux computer over to my 
> Linux server, the date for the file is all wrong!
> The date will be different depending on how I copy it over there.
> For example:
> 1) If I copy through smb mount, then the date is always Dec. 31, 1969. 
> This is the date shown in Konquerer and when in a bash screen.
> 2) If I copy through scp, then the date in Konquerer is also Dec. 31, 
> 1969, but in the bash screen it shows today's date and time.

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