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Re: complete system lock up

>> I have tried different graphics cards, and that didn't make any
>> difference.

> Did the cards use different drivers?  Using two different nVidia cards
> won't help if the conflict is in the driver.
Yes one used the ati driver, and the other nvidia.
The problem recently got much worse, to the point where kdm crashed before it had even displayed the login window. I removed kdm and I was able to start kde, but I soon got it ot crash again by messing about with my kde kpanel settings. My current setup is:-
kernel 2.4.18
xfree4.2.sid latest
nvidia geforce2 mx400
M7MKE motherboard with vt82c686 & vt8371
SMC 1211 series 10/100 network card
here is a recent .xsession-errors:-


DCOPServer up and running.

_IceTransmkdir: Owner of /tmp/.ICE-unix should be set to root

QObject::connect: No such signal KDockArea::docked()

QObject::connect: (sender name: 'unnamed')

QObject::connect: (receiver name: 'view widget')

QToolBar::QToolBar main window cannot be 0.



QMenuData::removeItem: Index -1 out of range


last item repaeted several times

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