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Re: pfinger

On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 12:31:05PM -0600, Drew Scott Daniels wrote:
> > I'm looking for a program called pfinger which is apparently part of
> > Debian. It is executed by a program that uses the command "./finger" so
> > that means that it's not the pascal finger program. Can anyone point me to
> > this program, help me find it or say authoritatively that it is not in
> > Debian (or non-free)?
>   [cjwatson@arborlon ~]$ auto-apt search -f pfinger | sort -u
>   usr/sbin/in.ldapfingerd                                     net/ldap-gateways
>   usr/share/doc/fp-units-net/examples/inet/pfinger.pp         devel/fp-units-net
>   usr/share/man/man8/in.ldapfingerd.8.gz                      net/ldap-gateways
>   [cjwatson@arborlon ~]$
> So unless it's the fp-units-net version, which you say it's not, it
> looks like it isn't in Debian.
> (You can also use http://packages.debian.org/ to search for filenames.)
Thanks. I'm looking to find out if a security vulnerability does exist in
Debian as was reported on packetstorm. I posted to debian-security and
have had no response yet.

packages.debian.org didn't help me much. You'll note that the program is
"called" pfinger, but the executable is "finger" without the p, this means
that it's not the fp-units-net version.

     Drew Daniels

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