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Re: switching between two network configurations

"Jörg Johannes" <liste_joerg@gmx.de> writes:
> With my laptop, I'd like to access two different networks (depending
> on where I am): My home network and university network.
> At home, my IP is and hostname shold be "horchloeffel",
> at university the IP and hostname are set to other fixed values. What
> I'd like to do is choosing at boot-time which network configuration to
> load. Is it possible to write a shell script that is invoked by a lilo
> parameter? It would have to set the hostname, the nameservers and the
> IP adress according to predefined values (should be simple to write
> two configurations, say /etc/hostname.uni and /etc/hostname.home, one
> of which is copied to /etc/hostname and so on).
> Is this possible, or are there other (better) solutions for doing this task?

It pays to know how to use Google Groups!


This should net you a thread started by Martin Krafft on this very
subject about a month or two ago. He surveyed quite a few utilities
with the capabilities you desire, and more.


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