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Re: Help with login/environment: bash_profile, bashrc, xdm

-- Paul Mackinney <paul@mackinney.net> wrote
(on Monday, 09 December 2002, 09:25 PM -0800):
> Hi. I use the blackbox window manager, but I'm having trouble with my
> default environment.
> I was using gdm and all was fine, except that
>    - My customizations to the login window kept getting bonked.
> 	 - If you ctrl-alt-f1 to get a non-X terminal, it keeps coming back
> 		 every n seconds without being asked. Especially annoying if your X 
> 		 configuration is bad... I'm just not a GNOME fan.
> So I switched to xdm
>    - and my .bash_profile stopped getting processed. So that after
> 		 opening an xterm, none of my custom environment variables were
> 		 active, just the custom aliases in .bashrc.
>    - I tried putting 'source ./.bash_profile' at the top of my xsession
> 		 file, but no luck.
> Can someone tell me, or point me to the right docs, to get xdm to run
> .bash_profile so that all term windows inherit the environment?
Just a question... do you really need to use a session manager? 

I've been using blackbox for a year now, and I do fine without a session
manager (I did fine without one before, too). The 'startx' command gets
you into X when you need it (which, granted is most of the time for me),
and also means that your environment is preserved when you enter X. Any
items I specifically want in all term environments I throw into my
.bashrc (aliases, some environmental variables, etc). Any programs I
want to run on initialization of X I throw into .xinitrc. 

Matthew Weier O'Phinney

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