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Lilo on the second disk loaded by Grub

Hi, All

This is my situation:
1. The first hard disk: grub installed on MBR, Redhat Linux

2. The second hard disk: Debian potato and woody occupy some
logical partitions, and each has its own lilo installed on their
partitions.  I also have a lilo installed on MBR of this disk to load
the above two lilo.

3. If the above two hard disks are seperately mounted on my PC, each
   can be booted successfully.

Now I put them together.  My intention is: let GRUB load the lilos on
the second hard disk. I know I can load both potato and woody from with GRUB. But I want to keep using lilo so that lilo is `self-contained' in its own partition. i.e., once I add an entry to load lilo in GRUB, I needn't modify it again no matter how lilo changes later.

First I modified lilo.conf (The second hard disk is /dev/hdd, /dev/hda -> /dev/hdd) and run lilo.
Then I add an entry in GRUB's menu.list:

root (hd1, 6) (my lilo is on /dev/hdd7)
chainloader +1

It seems GRUB had found lilo on /dev/hdd7.  But error message was
L 01 01 ...

How do I configure GRUB and LILO in this situation?  Thanks in

Best regards,
Dai Yuwen


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