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System beeps and then hang :(

Hi, i have an old PIII 500 mhz system which is about 3 years old. For about 4 months i had problem with the system beeping (the system speeker) for about 3 times each 2 seconds. I thought it was the power supply which was brokes (the fan wasn't running at all) so i switched power supply and everything ran just fine for abour 3 months.

Then suddenly yesterday the box started making the stupid system beeps again and the complete system locked up. I have been running this computer for 24/7 in 3 years time. If i turn off the computer for like 5 hours and turn it on, after 1 hour i will get the same beeping. The power supply fan is working, and so is the cpu fan.

I have a geoforce 256 card and i've exchanged it already once, can i be the graphic card which is broken. Since when i boot
into XP windows claim that the Geoforce 256 driver has caused problems. Tried to reinstall the driver yesterday but with the same luck.

Any hints in solving this problem will be very greatful.

I have a list of different things that might cause the problem myself, but these are only theories.

1. Old CMOS battery, maybe it's time to replace it after 3 years ?
2. Broken graphic card, since it happends more often when i run OpenGL games/Screensavers
3. To much heeting in the machine

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