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Re: setting up a cvs repository

On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 06:09:04PM -0500, Michael P. Soulier wrote:
| On 09/12/02 Derrick 'dman' Hudson did speaketh:
| > Ok, what is the right way to set up a CVS repository?
| > 
| > The problem is that new files created with 'cvs add ; cvs com' are not
| > group writable.  They need to be group writable so other developers in
| > the group can modify them later.  If I manually set the writable bit
| > then everything is fine.  (manually means logging on to the server
| > with the repository and running 'chmod' on the ,v file)  How can I
| > make the file be group writable without the need for manual
| > intervention?
|     Try setting your CVS_UMASK environment variable appropriately. 

Thanks for the direction.  It's actually CVSUMASK, and it doesn't
achieve what I thought I wanted.  cvs doesn't set the group-write bit
in the first place, and a umask can only clear bits.

However, after a bit more searching and reading and testing it seems
that the ,v files /don't/ need to be group-writable; just the
directory they are in does.  (this experimenting was all with the
'cvs' command on my own debian system)

I don't know why, but at school (RH 7.x server) my group and I had
these permissions problems.  Only the person who added the file could
modify (and commit) it afterwards.  Setting the file to group-writable
solved that issue.  I was using 'cvs' on the RH box, the others were
using TortoiseCVS on the win2k workstations.

The "real" test will come at work tomorrow.  My boss is trying to set
up cvs on an OSX system so we can use it instead of MS VSS on an NT4
server.  (I will be maintaining my debian client, but cvs will be a
nice improvement over Source Off-Site)



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