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Compaq Presario 4500

I just got 2 old Compaq Presario's, one is model 4504 and the other a 4508.
After the debian install hanging about 400 times, I finally got it installed
(in parts I might add - Partitioned harddisk, froze, reboot, initialize
paritions, install base, froze, ...).

Now that it is installed, it boots up fine, but when I do anything, for
instance try to load the modules 8139too, I get kernel panics, then after
one of them, it's a chain reaction, and I get about 10 of them.  It ends up
stopping at (I can't see the whole output)

Code: 89 46 04 89 30 8b 41 08 89 c2 2b 54 24 14 81 fa ff 00 00 00
<0> Kernel Panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
In interrupt handler - not syncing

Than the box is frozen, nothing works.

Has anyone successfully installed and used debian on these models from
Compaq?  I have searched around on google, and it appears that Compaq has A
LOT of problems with Linux.  Anyhow, I got the boxes for really cheap $70
for both, and was planning on using them for NAT'ing or something...


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