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cryptoloop as user?


I'm useing cryptoloop to protect my data on a ibmx20 laptop. Im running
2.4.19 kernel with the cryptoloop and cryptoapi modules innstalled.

As root, I have created a file with dd, used blowfish as cipher and
mounted it trough loop0, so far so good.

But I am wondering if there is an easyer way to du this, I would like to
do this in bootup, as user.

The way I'm doint it now is (as root):
losetup -e blowfish -k 128 /dev/loop0 /usr/tmp/my_crypt_file
mount /dev/loop0 /home/ernst/mnt/my_crypt_file
chown -R ernst:users /home/ernst/mnt/crypt

Then I'm there, I can work on my docs as a user, but I'm wondering if
there is an easyer way of soing it?

To release this again I'm doing :
umount /dev/loop0
losetup -d /dev/loop0

Please help


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