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Re: How insecure are cable connections, versus dialup?

On Mon, 09 Dec 2002 02:22:34 PST, Vineet Kumar writes:
>>> - install a firewall that just drops any incoming connection from your
>>>   cable-connected ethernet interface. (I would recommend using fwbuilder

>> The security gained with this step is epsilon under Linux if you don't
>> have services that aren't needed installed.

>I've seen many redhat boxes in which installed rootkits included
>something to the effect of 'echo "6969 stream tcp wait root /bin/sh" >>
>/etc/inetd.conf'.  Having a firewall up in this case prevents the
>cracker from using the installed backdoor, even after an
>intentionally-exposed service is broken.  It's a very good safety net to
>have, especially in the case of an always-on static-IP-address cable
>connection, which is likely to be swept by script kiddies who then
>later try to connect to the boxes their scripts successfully penetrated.

Of course, the real point is to never rely on one safety net alone.

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