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Re: Starting a non-root daemon a minute or so after boot-up?

I prefer this solution (mine :-)

> - Create a file called 'localstart' in /etc/init.d.

Create a file anywhere in your $HOME

> - Make sure this file is executable, owned by root, etc.

chmod, owned by you

> - Make a symlink to this file from S00localstart in /etc/rc{2,3,4,5}.d
> - Here are the contents of /etc/init.d/localstart, which for some
>   yet-to-be-determined reason didn't work:

# or any shell
sleep 120
fetchmail -s

> Like I mentioned, I'm quite able to debug the code above and eventually
> to get it to work.  But I'm hoping I can find a utility that might allow
> me to do this in a more elegant way.

just put in crontab like this

@reboot your_script.sh > anywhere.log 2>&1

just one > because script is executed just once, and anywhere have to exist
with form >> (don't know why)

Hope it help

Note don't help : work for me :-)
David Dumortier

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