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Re: Parition mangling tools

On Sat, Dec 07, 2002 at 03:06:00AM +0000, Hugh Saunders wrote:
> hello,
> standard storry... have xp installation taking up entire hard disk, want to add woody.
> Have tried the parition resize tool from zeleps.com but havent had any joy with
> that, any suggestions as to linux tools/alternative dos tools?

It all depends on what filesystem type the xp partition is.  If it's FAT
(or FAT32 or whataver), then that's easy; defrag the drive, then use
FIPS or parted to create free space at the end.  If it's NTFS though, I
think you're SOL without partition magic or similar.

> [could just repartittion then reinstall XP and debian but have mucked about with
> the XP installation so dont really want to reinstall. Also i dont have the
> CD [the installation is legal as there is a XP-authenticity sticker on
> the underside [is laptop]]]

Erk, I hate that sort of thing.  You paid a fair amount of money for XP,
the least they could do is give a CD of it.


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