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Re: OT: infected email: How do I start a X session on another machine

Lourens replying to "Drew Cohan" <drewcohan@drewcohan.com> wrote:

      >  -----Original Message-----
      >  From: nate [mailto:debian-user@aphroland.org] 
      >  Sent: Friday, December 06, 2002 2:09 PM
      >  To: undisclosed-recipients:
      >  Subject: Re: How do I start a X session on another machine
      >  Andrew Lindley said:
      >  > I have 2 machines running Woody and not enough desk space for
      >  > both screens and keyboards. I'd like to be able to run X
      >  > sessions on both machines from only one of the machines. When
      >  > I ran SuSE I could use xhost + to allow remote (or even other
      >  > local users) access to the display. This doesn't work on
      >  > Debian. Could someone tell me what the
      >  > correctP 
      >  This email came infected with bugbear.  Be careful.

Also ...
I received this message directly (not via the list) along with the virus
warning. My reply to the sender bounced?
"  aml47@bignachos.com
    unknown local-part "aml47" in domain "bignachos.com" "



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Lourens Steenkamp

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