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Re: gimping along

debian <debian@drewcohan.com> [2002-12-07 17:34:06 -0500]:
> attachements and save into a directory (done), and hand off those
> pictures to the gimp (the shell game - done).  The problem is that gimp
> can't open an X display and dies.

Are you sure that gimp is getting DISPLAY set when it is invoked?
Since mail is a daemon process it is not tied to your display in any
way.  There is no way for any programs that it has to know what your
display setting is.  You will have to tell them.  Try setting your
display for the program.

  gimp --display :0.0 file.jpg

Gimp is an awesome program.  But if you are just wanting to
automatically display pictures then let me recommend 'xview -q'.
Lighter weight and works well.  There are a number of other good
candidates too.  Search the list for several discussions about these.

  xview -quiet -display :0.0 file.jpg

And if you are going to leave them lying around then background them
too, of course, to release the mail processes above them.


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