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Re: shell game

Drew Cohan wrote:

>Using a bash shell script (/bin/sh), I need to know how to check to see
>if certain files exist in a directory, as in, "Are there any jpegs in
>this directory?".  I've tried various things (like using -s, -f with
>test and a do/for loop) but nothing seems to work right.  The closest I
>can come is
>if test `ls /opt/images/*.jpg | wc -l` -gt 0 then ...
>Unfortunately, this gives me the error message "ls: /opt/images/*.jpg:
>No such file or directory" when there are no jpegs in /opt/images.


	ls *.jpg > /dev/null 2>&1   	# tested command--output is
											# superfluous
		[ $? eq 0 ] 	            # did last command succeed?
			then echo "yes"       	# shout hooray
		else echo "no"           	# tears in your beer
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