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Re: PS/2 and IMPS/2 mice

On Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 12:19:36PM +0100, maturarbeit@gmx.ch wrote:
> > So I just have, here it is 
> >  
> > "mid -q" will return 00 for standard PS/2 mouse or 03 for intellimouse. 
> > "mid" does the same thing but with more blurb. 
> >  
> > Pigeon 
> >  
> Hey thanks alot for your programm. It works perfect!. Really nice. But i
> have two issues: 
> 1. May i have the source code of it? Would be really nice... (address:
> rasa2@gmx.ch) 

Oh silly me, whatever am I thinking of only posting the binary, sorry,
here we go! Remember it's a quick hack and not especially pretty, no
comments or anything.

> 2. Where did u get this information over the mouse protocol? 

1) http://panda.cs.ndsu.nodak.edu/~achapwes/PICmicro/mouse/mouse.html
   (note inconsistent suffices)

2) x_source_top_directory/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/input/mouse/mouse.c

(You could use this lot to extend my program to test for more types of
mice. You can also see why the PS/2 mouse initialisation code is wrong
- though it may still work, depending on your mouse.)

3) (For my mouse, a Trust Ami Track Dual Scroll trackball, which has
its own protocol and init string that X didn't know about until I
hacked it)
i) hexdumping /dev/psaux while fiddling with the trackball
ii) Connecting an analogue tape recorder to the clock and data lines
of the mouse cable, then booting Windoze and recording the Windoze
driver sending its init string, then transferring the tape recording
to a .wav file, looking at it in a waveform editor and figuring out
what bits were being sent.

> Thanks in advance. 
> cheers, 
> Raffaele 

No problem.


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