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Re: mozilla 1.2 and commandline

(CC'd to the mozilla maintainer, Takuo Kitame, since I don't know if
he reads debian-user.)

John M Flinchbaugh wrote:

> i noticed that running `mozilla' a second time pops up the profile
> selector, but `mozilla-1.2.1' does the remote thing that just tells
> the currently running mozilla to just open a new window.
> can the mozilla script be made to behave like the mozilla-1.2.1 script?

I think you're onto something there. Why are there two scripts at all? And
why is there now an /etc/alternatives/mozilla entry that is not used by
anything, pointing to a non-existent /usr/bin/mozilla-1.2?

I suspect that it is supposed to be like this:

  /usr/bin/mozilla:          symlink to /etc/alternatives/mozilla
  /etc/alternatives/mozilla: symlink to /usr/bin/mozilla-1.2.1
  /usr/bin/mozilla-1.2.1:    mozilla startup script

This seems like it would lead to correct behavior when you run mozilla.


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