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Re: Software CPU cooling - apm / acpi

* Olivier Guyotot (Olivier.Guyotot@free.fr) [021205 11:20]:
> hi,
> I would like to cool my CPU in the same way CPUIdle does it under
> windows : using the Hlt instruction when the CPU is idle. As far as I
> know, it's possible to achieve this under linux with apm or acpi, but I
> have never succeded.

This doesn't really answer your question, I'm afraid, but might help you
search more precisely.

The linux kernel issues the hlt instruction when the system is idle.
You don't need to install anything extra.  In the kernel's boot
messages, you should see a line like "Checking 'hlt' instruction...  OK."
(unless you booted the kernel with the "no-hlt" parameter, which
I'm sure you didn't).

The APM sys_idle support is a little different, and is controlled by the
CONFIG_APM_CPU_IDLE kernel compilation option.

good times,
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