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Doing an "apt-get --purge remove" after an earlier "remove"?

I have searched the various docs and mailing list archives, and I
couldn't find anything about my question.  But please forgive me if I
have missed something obvious in the docs, because I've only started
using debian a few days ago.

My question: sometimes when I have wanted to purge a previously
installed package, I have accidentally left out the "--purge" option to
the "apt-get" command.

In other words, I intended to type this:

  apt-get --purge remove the-package

... but I inadvertantly typed this:

  apt-get remove the-package

In these cases, is there any way that I can now do the equivalent of the
"--purge" without re-installing the package and re-issuing the "remove"
command with the "--purge" flag?

I know that I can probably search through the package database to figure
out which items to manually remove from my system, but I'm hoping that
there is some utility that I can use to perform this task for me.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

 Lloyd Zusman

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