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PS/2 and IMPS/2 mice

I did several tests here with our different PS/2 mice. I had the problem,
that not every mouse was 
usable trough XFree86 with the same config. 
I found out that i am able to use every PS/2 mouse with eather ther "PS/2"
driver or the "IMPS/2" 
driver (im talking about the "Protocol" option in the XF86Config of Xfree
All older mice _only_ worked with the PS/2 driver and all newer mouse
(logitech weel mouse, M$ weel 
mouse and co) worked _only_ with the IMPS/2 Driver. That means that i am not
abel to use the PS/2 
driver vor every mouse. 
As we have _many_ systems here and i don't want to stick a mouse deffinitly
to a computer I need 
something wich is able to probe if there is a newer or older mouese
connected to the system and 
wrtites the correct values to the XF86Config. 
Is there something like that in the Debian dirsti wich could be
automatically run on sartup? If not, 
does somebody have an idea how i could solve that issue? 

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