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Re: Uninstall X

Hi Dominic Iadicicco,

> Does anyone know how to unistall Xfree86?  Without using deselect.
> Example deleting files and links and so forth...

You work out what packages install X and then "remove --purge" them (purge
also removes any custom configuration info).

This is probably a good start:

apt-get remove --purge 'xfree*' 'xserver*' 'xfonts*' -s

Because this is Debian you don't need a book/tutorial on how to remove X
specifically. You just need to understand the package management system.

I added the -s above so apt will simulate what's going to happen instead
of actually doing anything.

Remember [Shift]+PageUp allows you to scroll back to read text that has
scrolled off the screen.


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