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Maintain gtk1.x apps

I don't like (not used to) gtk2 looks and feels but seems like they will
gradually take over all the gtk based apps.  Many apps in Sid (pan, d4x,
logjam etc) are only available for gtk2, I was force to either put those
on hold or manually compile them ... Sooner or later, gtk apps in Sid
then Sarge will be replaced with gtk2.  So just a suggestion that keep 2
versions of the app because not everyone wants to use gtk2, it's still
too new for me to accept and people still develop and update their
gtk1.x apps.

I know Sid is bleeding edge but it'll be nice to give users choices. 
gkrellm, galeon, gimp have both gtk1.x and gtk2.x packages avail, why
not the others.


ThanhVu Nguyen

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