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Ofoto Technical Support (KMM2262084V44177L0KM)

Thank you for contacting the Ofoto Customer Service Team.

While you're waiting to hear from us, please visit our new help section
at http://help.ofoto.com.  By simply entering a keyword or phrase,
you'll quickly find all the information about our service, products, and
promotions.  If you have any feedback about this new knowledgebase,
please email helpfeedback@ofoto.com

If you wish to update any of your account information, please go to the
following page:

Remember, in addition to standard size prints we also offer large Poster
Size Prints and a great selection of Frames, Albums, Photo Greeting
Cards, Custom Printed Cards and Archive CD.  For more information,
please visit our on-line store at www.ofoto.com/StoreOverview.jsp

Ofoto Customer Service
For Instant Answers, please visit http://help.ofoto.com
Get special savings and news from Ofoto! Just
visit www.ofoto.com/Optin.jsp?sourceid=41756952303

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