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Re: How to enable DMA at boot time

    "Clive" == Clive Standbridge <nobody@i.love.spam> writes:

    Clive> On Wed 27 Nov 2002 14:09:12 +0000(-0600), Shyamal Prasad
    Clive> wrote:
    >> Personally, I use a script. I installed the hwtools package and
    >> edited /etc/init.d/hwtools to do the right hdparm commands.

    Clive> Okay, that approach works for me. It's also cut my boot
    Clive> time (LILO prompt to GDM prompt) from 83s to 72s.

Hmmmm...that is a truly interesting measure. Since I rarely boot my
machine I've never looked at DMA as a way of speeding up the boot
sequence. Cool. I feel like I've learned a whole new view of things :-)

    Clive> I'm still curious about the kernel parameter
    Clive> approach. Since the hwtools script runs fairly late in the
    Clive> boot sequence, I guess that a more dramatic reduction in
    Clive> boot time should be possible. I'll return to that on
    Clive> another day.

I'm curious now: how many seconds to when your root FS is mounted?
That would determine the upper bound on the improvement. Is most of
the time spent building module dependencies?


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