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Re: upgrade to sid?

    "Tim" == Tim Verry <tverry@telocity.com> writes:

    Tim> If one were to put "deb http://http.us.debian.org/debian/
    Tim> unstable main contrib non-free" in my sources.list, uh, I
    Tim> mean one's sources.list, then ran apt-get upgrade and watched
    Tim> about 200 packages get upgraded, what exactly would the
    Tim> result be on so and so's previously woody Debian
    Tim> installation?

You would get new features, cool new software, and all the latest
bugs. unstable is the bleeding edge, run it you are prepared to
experience all the bugs that are a part of developing a Linux

Try the 'testing' distribution instead of 'unstable' if you really
want the newer software. Stuff in testing has spent a few days in
unstable without anyone complaining about it. But expect a few
problems here and there. Also, upgrading to any of these could in
theory actually break your system (remember, they are called 'testing'
and 'unstable' for a reason ;-).

    Tim> If a person had done this, is there any way to downgrade
    Tim> certain things back to earlier versions?

The short answer is: no. The long answer seems to be: maybe. I've
never done it, so I'll keep my opinion to myself.


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