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Re: mail reader for news and mail

csj <csj@mindgate.net> writes:

> I gave up on gnus because the info pages didn't give me enough
> information on how to (1) get rid of ~/News[1], (2) use gnus
> without setting up a newsgroup[2] or (3) interface it with my MH
> mail folders.

You could ask on gnu.emacs.gnus.  All of those can be done.  There
might also be some info on http://my.gnus.org/ .  I've done the last
two, but it's been years since I did either so I don't remember the
specifics.  But hints:

1) C-h v gnus-directory RET, also in (gnus)Various Various

2) gnus-select-method, set it to your nnmh select method.

3) (gnus)MH Spool

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