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Re: german ispell with mutt

On Wed, 20 Nov 2002, Nori Heikkinen wrote:

> so i've recently started writing emails in german, and would like to
> spellcheck them from within mutt, like i can using 'i' bound to ispell
> for english messages.  however, piping it to `ispell -d deutsch`
> (which works from the command line, with a filename) at the send menu
> doesn't work.  i've tried a few combinations thereof and checked out
> the manpages ... any tips from the Deutschsprachige out there?

I asked the same question on the mutt user mailing list and this is the
answer they gave me for .muttrc:

Ispell german and english dictionary
macro compose I '<enter-command>set ispell="/usr/bin/ispell -x -d deutsch"<enter><ispell><enter-command>set ispell="/usr/bin/ispell"<enter>'

Be sure to set the default dictionary to english or american with:


Actually I am using spellchecker within .muttrc like this:

set ispell = /usr/lib/mutt/mailspell

... don't touch the bang bang fruit

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