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Re: Help: Connecting two Debian boxes directly

Vineet Kumar wrote:
> Are your IP addresses within the same subnet (i.e. 
> and  Is the cross-over cable (and 
> both NICs) known to be good?

They are on the same subnet (BTW I don't know what "Gateway" should be set 
to, and whether ip_forward should be "yes" in /etc/networks/options).  

I have no idea whether the cable is good. I bought it 4 years ago by mistake 
and never used it. I think it's too simple to break on its own.
Joyce, Matthew wrote:
> Are both nics 10/100 and set to auto negotiate ?
> Try setting one ot both to either 10 or 100.

I grepped ifup and ifconfig man pages, as well as /etc/network/ files for 
"negot" and found nothing. What is "auto negotiate"? I think they are both 
10/100 but have no HW switches that I can find.


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