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Need help testing new PCMCIA packages for Woody

I've been working closely with Tomas Pospisek <tpo_deb@sourcepole.ch>
to build new PCMCIA packages that we would like to submit to
woody-proposed-updates; however, before we upload them for inclusion in
the next release of woody, we would like to thoroughly test them -- a
job that is challenging, to say the least, as I'm sure anyone who is
familiar with the PCMCIA packages realizes.  Therefore, we are asking
anyone out there who wants to help get these packages into woody to
download and test one or more of these packages.  They have been built
against the stock Debian kernels currently in woody, and are available
for download via http at


Please test these packages and send me or Tomas an email letting us know
the result, success or failure, and please include any relevant details
that will help us fix the problems you encounter.

Thank you,

- Brian

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