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Re: Text files in "windows mode"

>>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Daubenspeck <matt@oddprocess.org> writes:

Matthew> I am trying to create a bunch of text files for use with a
Matthew> streaming MP3 player (Audiotron). However, due to the fact that
Matthew> the developers use Windows CE as their "kernel", every danged
Matthew> playlist I make is not understood by the player because it
Matthew> cannot understand my debian created text files. Is there any
Matthew> easy way to do this? Currently, I use something like:

Matthew> ls ./*.mp3 > list.m3u

Matthew> Is there a way to change that through the command line? I use
Matthew> vim as an editor, is there a config option/switch I can use
Matthew> there as well?

There are several programs which can do this.  The sysutils package
contains a program called todos (or unix2dos) which will do this.

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