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Re: Manual ldconfig required HELP!!!

On Mon, 11 Nov 2002 13:43:10 -0500, Jerome Acks Jr
<jracksjr@bellatlantic.net> wrote:

>On Mon, Nov 11, 2002 at 03:29:35PM +0000, Pigeon wrote:
>> On Mon, 11 Nov 2002 07:24:56 +0000, Pigeon <jah.pigeon@ukonline.co.uk>
>> wrote:
>> >Nah - no luck. Rescue disk has no dpkg. It's the same as the boot
>> >image you get in the Debian 2.1 single CD.
>Instead of using rescue disk you could try tomsrtbt at 

Thanks - will try it - grabbing.

>> >I tried copying /lib/* and /etc/ld.so.cache from the rescue disk to
>> >the hard drive. Now the kernel can find init, but it still gets an
>> >error loading shared libraries - undefined symbol: stderr - and panics
>> >(unsurprisingly). Same with rescue 2.2.12 kernel and my 2.4.18.
>> >
>> Am I right in thinking that all ldconfig does is update the symlinks
>> and /etc/ld.so.c[ache|onf]? If so, isn't all I need to know, what is
>> the binary data at the beginning of /etc/ld.so.cache, and how to
>> calculate it?
>From man page:
>       ldconfig creates the necessary links and cache (for use by the run-time
>       linker, ld.so) to the most recent shared libraries found in the  direc-
>       tories  specified on the command line, in the file /etc/ld.so.conf, and
>       in the trusted directories (/usr/lib and /lib).   ldconfig  checks  the
>       header  and  file names of the libraries it encounters when determining
>       which versions should have their links updated.  ldconfig ignores  sym-
>       bolic links when scanning for libraries.
I've read that! What I wanted to know is how to calculate the (what
looks like) binary data at the beginning of /etc/ld.so.cache. (And how
unLinuxy that is!)

>> I'm also limited in my ability to experiment because the Linux box is
>> too broken to run tar/gzip so I can't unpack debs from my CD to
>> restore stuff from. ar still works, and WinZip can handle .tar.gz
>> format, so it's sort of possible with a lot of rebooting to swap OS.
>> Is there a Win98 archiver that can unpack debs?
>You can unpack debs with ar. See
Nonono you didn't read my post! I'm trying to do exactly what this
page suggests. ar still works, so I can get to the control & data
.tar.gz stage. But tar/gzip don't work. So I have to copy the .tar.gzs
onto my DOS partition, reboot into Windoze and unpack them with
WinZip. I can't then put the unpacked versions back on the DOS
partition cos the long filenames get mangled, and the rescue kernel
can't handle VFAT so I can't mount my Windoze partition. So I have to
burn them onto a CD. This procedure is a pain in the butt, and a Win98
app that understands ar format would cut out a reboot or two.

However, the rest of that page had some useful stuff on it, so thanks!

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