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Re: RFC: Caps Lock


* Sean 'Shaleh' Perry <shalehperry@attbi.com> [02-11-10 17:55]:
>> >> So what are your thoughts about this? Is there another good use I
>> >> could put caps lock to? Experiences?
>One of my favs is to just set it to nothing.  You can accidently hit it all 
>day and it won't change a thing.

I think that the nuisancy of the key will be much lower if it's only a

>I know it is not a popular view point, but personally I strive to never 
>customize things like the keyboard because I move from machine to machine a 

That's actually one of reason I want to do this. I sit on a Sun from
time to time, and pick up the habit to search for Ctrl in the wrong
place. (For some reason, that's no problem in the other direction.)

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    - Kurt Tucholsky

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