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Re: Kernel crash after floppy mount - help needed

Scott Ehrlich said:
> Here's what happens.

> Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address
> 00000028

I've had this problem several times before, and every time it's been
the result of bad memory.

I reccomend getting memtest86 and running it on your system but only
test 1 memory chip at a time if you have more then 1.(or if you have
SIMMs then you have to test in pairs). I had a batch of memory which
passed memtest86 for 3 weeks of testing 24/7, but still had problems,
I gave up on the ram and got new ram(problem went away), gave the ram
to a co worker, he spent more time testing it and found if he tested
the sticks one at a time the errors started to pop up, but all at
once there was no errors


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