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Re: Manually starting X---Update

Here is the latest on my problem starting X manually.

First, I'm running the stable version of version (obtained from the CDrom distribution).
M/B is an Intel D845GBV (1.6GHz P4).
Video is from the on-board device, there is no separate graphics card.

I modified the /etc/X11/default-display-manager so that no dm was selected.
After rebooting the system came up with a console login (no gui login, as
was the previous case).  I logged in as a user (not root) and ran 
startx >& joeX.log.  The screen went black, the monitor "thunked", and
then the screen returned to the console.  X was running somewhere in
the background, but I couldn't get it on the display.
I then tried the same thing as root.  This time the "screen" did not return to
the console, it just stayed black.  I opened a tty port and killed X.

I posted a few files to my web page:

/etc/X11/XF86Config-4  -->  http://www.k-online.com/~joer/XF86Config-4
error log from starting X as user (joe) --> http://www.k-online.com/~joer/joeX.log
error log from starting X as root --> http://www.k-online.com/~joer/rootX.log

When I first checked the error log from startx, I noticed that 
there were some error messages due to a misconfigured mouse.
I commented out appropriate sections of XF86Config-4;
the file posted has those sections commented out.

I then restored /etc/X11/default-display-manager so that it points to xdm.
Following a reboot, the system started as before (gui login). Logging out of the
system had the same problem (black screen, no way to login back into X).

Is my next step to purchase a video-card and not use the built-in video circuitry
on the Intel m/b?  That seems a bit drastic. I'm reluctant to continue with my
install until I have a reasonably functional system...

Joe Riel

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