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Re: Booting Linux from windows 2000

On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 03:56:48PM +0100, Bruno BEAUFILS wrote:
> I know that this question is not specially relevant to debian, but I
> do not know where to ask it anywhere else :-(
> I want to boot a bunch of dual-boot stations which are running under
> Windows 2000 to Linux. I tried loadlin but it does not work because
> of protected mode.

loadlin and syslinux both work from DOS, and won't work on 
Windows 2000 (Windows NT/2000/XP are not DOS-based).

> I can modify lilo boot loader since those stations are oftenly
> cloned by Ghost and that default boot options must stay Windows.

Lilo can be set up to boot Windows 2000 by default, just be sure to
install Linux *after* you install Windows.  Grub can also be set up to
boot Windows 2000 for you.  Either can be set up so that they look
innocuous to a person who might be afraid of a boot menu.

Alternately, if you are not permitted to touch the MBR, you can make a
very flexible boot floppy with grub.  After installing the Debian grub
package, you can make a grub boot floppy as simply as "grub-floppy

Best of Luck,


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