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Re: minor problems from various areas

On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 09:50:16AM +0100, Masta Dry wrote:
> When I try to run Xvidtune, I get this msg:
> Xlib: extension "XFree86 Vidmode extension" missing on
> display ":0.0". Unable to query video extension version. 

You are running X, right?

> -----
> I get more and more segmentation fault error msg-es. At the
> last boot the mbr and the copy of it differed, I think it is
> a virus (must be brand new, because the vir. def. file I use
> is 1 week old) or my HDD slowly fades to gray.

A virus?  Even if there were any Linux boot sector viruses they wouldn't
be able to write to the boot sector without root privileges.  Have you
run any dodgy binary software as root lately?

I'd say it's much, much, much more likely that you have dodgy hardware.

> ----------
> eiom
> -*** req base libc6 GNU C lib....
> --** std devel libc6-dev GNU C lib....
> libc6 suggests locales
> libc6-dev depends on libc6 (= 2.2.5-6)
> libc6-dev depends on libc6 (= 2.2.5-6)
> I have libc6 2.3.1-3 installed, and no idea about how to
> degrade to 2.2.5-6, what would hopefully solve the problem.
> Dselect may be forced (by Q or stg) to install the packages
> i want to (at nearly all package I try to install, this
> libc6 notification comes up, and only forced install is
> possible), but netscape for instance siply ceased its
> installation due to libc6 error, what I can not tell right now.

Are you running unstable or sarge?  How did your libc6 get out of sync
with libc6-dev?

> ------------------------------------ 
> If I try to run startkde or kde2, the next msg comes:
> xsetroot: unable to open display ''
> kplash: cannot connect to x server
> aborting. display not set
> ksmserver: cannot connect to x server
> connect() failed: no such file or directory
> How can be the display reserved, when the X session does not
> run?

Uh, have you run an X server?  Try just running 'X' and see what
happens.  Have you configured X yet?

> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> Why does woody lists mounted win patition's files as
> executables (text files, etc)?

Because FAT has no concept of permissions.  There's no way for the
file system code to figure out if a file is supposed to be executable or
not.  I'm sure there's an option to change this behaviour, but I don't
know it.


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