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Re: allowing remote x connections?

On Wednesday 06 November 2002 14:06, Bruno Boettcher wrote:
> Hello!
> i read this some time ago, but can't find the pointer to that docu
> anymore, and its not in the debian FAQ... :(
> i want to allow some local machines to send their displays to the
> desktop machine.... i know there's something to tweak with the server,
> but i don't know what....
> other point does someone have allready some iptble roules to reject the
> X protocol stuff coming from outside the local net?

If I understand you well; you want to allow other machines to open diplay on 
your machine?

Some display manager lauch X without allowing this. For kdm you have to edit 


and removing the "nolisten tcp" option (and restart the server)

after that you have to allow other machine to connect:
login (graphically) and type
xhost +<name of the machine you authorize to connect>
or xhost - to allow all machines to connect



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